Tips on Art


SXSW Collaboration

TIPS On Art collaborated with ZonePerfect and their committment to supporting creativity by bringing six Austin visual artists into their downtown venue creating a "buzz" for nutrition and creativity during this incredible nine day festival for film and music right here in our own FAVORITE CITY!

Visual art by Maxine Price, Dan Zinno, Elizabeth Hoisington, David Grimes, Rama Tiru, Naomi Gallego complement the broad range of music, film trailers and chocolate sculptures.

"ZonePerfect is touring the country giving people a taste of what's new and proudly supporting creativity. From musicians to artists. Known to unknown. Concerts to festivals. Bands to fans. And with protein, balanced nutrition and great flavors, ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars are a great way to nourish your discovery of all things creative. And a really tasty way to support the VH1 Save The Music Foundation."

Experience some of the sights and sounds of SXSW and the live.create Lounge event for yourself on You Tube.

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