Tips on Art

Facility Vision

TIPS On Art connecting cultures and engaging communication through exposure to the arts in a multi-disciplinary district.

We have a picture in our minds, a passion in our hearts, and a dedicated plan to elevate Austin to it's unique cultural potential.

Art doesn't happen in a vacuum, but all too often great work languishes there. Art and people need each other and we have a plan to get them together.

Better than paint by numbers, Art for the general public.

We see a great opportunity to create a thriving pedestrian district that allows both, art and people, some very necessary face time.

Austin already has a well-known appreciation for unique expression, with many local shining spots supporting multi-disciplinary practices of art. We have literature and horticulture, fine art, foodies and poetry slams, performance art, architecture and sculpture, film and fashion, multimedia and of course, lots of music. We just haven't connected the dots.

Connect all of this together and we have a very electric culture.

  • European Piazza Philosophy
  • SXSW
  • Poetry Slam
  • Community Gardens
  • Farmers Market
  • Austin Pond Society
  • Cinema Texas (short film & video festival)
  • MOM Fest (Mind over Money) Theater Event
  • Frontier Fest Theater Event
  • Texas Food & Wine Festival
  • Sculpt Fest
  • An Austin version of Selected Shorts/Symphony Space
  • An Austin version of 48 Hours "Everyone Has A Story"
  • San Jose Motel
  • East Side Caf & Gardens
  • Umlauf Sculpture Garden
  • Caf Mundi
  • Book People
  • Ruta Maya Coffee House
  • La Zona Rosa
  • The Oasis
  • One World Theater
  • Casa de Luz
  • Austin City Limits
  • GSD&M start with a vision then impact the world
  • Greenbuilding Principles

Some of our disciplines

The TIPS On Art Learning Center & Consortium will provide a central arts district cornerstone for Austin. It will be within easy walking distance to the surrounding public resources of food, shopping & nature.

TIPS On Art is a unique civic-minded project that will change the way all Austinites and visitors can be exposed to, and experience, art on a daily basis.

TIPS On Art, the facility, represents four distinct layers that connect to bring this multi-faceted opportunity of living within the Arts to Austin. These layers include:

Our offerings will engage every age group and ethnic background through programs as the Consortium becomes a reality. TIPS On Art will be the place for Austinites, visitors and artists to enjoy the art of living.

This is a community project! We ask all members of the community, business leaders and philanthropists to help manifest this art of living facility and get involved it will take all of us! Get Involved

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