Tips on Art



In Development - It's the stuff that fills in the gaps and glosses over the fabric of our lives. Sometimes it is in itself the exclamation or lamentation of a certain moment; sometimes it acts as a mere soundtrack to the beat of our more mundane movements. It's music we're talking about and it's everywhere in Austin. Sure, Austin is the soi disant Live Music Capital of the World. And in some respects, especially in the rock, blues and country music genres, this is true. But in Austin there also exists a wealth of other styles of music that speak to us with just as loud and at times even more profound a voice. All ilk of music is made and performed here: from jazz trios to Wagnerian symphonies, from big beat a cappella to hip-hop, from hardcore twang to R&B to opera, Austin's music scene is one of the most robust in the nation. TIPS On Art will benefit Austin's musicians and enhance its visitor's experience and knowledge of this vital cultural mainstay by: