Tips on Art



In Development - Austin is a Foodie town, this program will feed the soul through the art of cooking, the joy of dining, and the grace of entertaining. Drawing on the skills and talents of Austin's own great chefs we will offer our supporters and participants creative faire at TIPS on Art functions such as "Dine Out" day - a set percentage of sales from participating restaurant are contributed to the arts, or the "Impresario's Table" in our supporting restaurants - a percentage of sales from a designated table is contributed to the arts on an ongoing basis, as well as our general program events.

Featured restaurants and chefs will be offering cooking demonstrations and classes so you too can become a master in the culinary arts. Whether your need is to know how to prepare more interesting meals, or that adventurous side of you is ready to explore new and exiting cuisines, or you find you just want to fine tune your talents in the alchemy of cooking, this is the program for you.

All of our offerings will have a special emphasis on conscientious cooking that incorporates fresh organic products that are locally produced from partner programs such as Green Corn Project and Organic Farmers Consortium.