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Donna Wetegrove

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Frances Nail and Family

Primary Use of Medium: Writer

Interviewer: Donna Wetegrove
Interview Location: Downtown Austin Apartment
Interview Date: 9.2010
Writer: Lori Henika
Videographer/Audio Editor:

Frances Nail worked hard at being a painter for much of her life. When she was young, her mother provided her with watercolors and encouraged her to be an artist, even paying for art instruction. After turning 70, Frances decided to stop working so hard at painting, and began to write. Her stories come from tales she has heard throughout her life, and about growing up in a small Texas town. John Aielli invited Frances to read her work on the radio, which led to her publishing her first book with a local publisher. She has since published four books, and is working on her fifth.

Her daughter, Katy Nail, also a gifted painter, sat with Frances in her downtown Austin apartment, surrounded by their own beautiful paintings and drawings. Katy's inspiration comes from nature, but she has a striking ability to capture the feelings in the eyes of the people she paints. Katy provides the illustrations for Frances' books.

Rounding out this talented family is Katy's daughter, Carrie Rodriguez, an incredible musician. While Carrie wasn't present for this interview, Frances has pictures of her throughout the apartment, and she proudly played her granddaughter's music after the interview. Carrie also provides musical interludes for Frances' audio books.

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